Inspiring teenage girl in US feeds hundreds and thousands of hungry through veggies straight from her garden NGO

To have money in your wallet and feed the poor is one thing. But to resort to a personal involvement with feelings and emotions to feed the underprivileged is something quite other.



Truth be told, none personify this better than 9 year old Katie Stagliano. This young girl is actually the founder of Katie’s Krops, an organization that encourages young school kids to grow their own vegetables and feed the hungry and underprivileged.



But what really got Katie started on her noble adventure was, believe it or not, was a whopping sized cabbage. The unusually large 40 pound vegetable was used by the young girl to feed 275 needy people. This was brilliant and undoubtedly, huge. The move got everyone talking about Katie Stagliano.



Interestingly, in a school project, the avid youngster was asked by a teacher to home grow a cabbage seed and use it in the near future to feed the hungry. The wise idea has today grown into a magnanimous movement of sort that is now expected to grow Katie’s Krops to 500 gardens across 50 states of the country, which is precisely almost the entire stretch of North America.



Katie Stagliano, who under immense support from her family has now increased her presence to many a veggie garden outside South Carolina is an avid 18 year old gardener. She is happy and delighted to be using her veggies to feed the needy with a current reach expanding 31 states courtesy 100 gardens. But she remains hopeful and pragmatic about the ‘feed the hungry’ movement to gain momentum and expand. Along with hundreds of volunteers, Katie Stagliano provides free garden-to-table meals to the needy community. Ain’t that simply brilliant for such a young girl? We wish you all the best in your noble endeavor Katie! Way to go.

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