Yet another Nokia phone stops bullet, saves man’s life

Ah, the good old Nokia phones! The yesteryear Nokia phones would never run out of juice and if by chance, you dropped them, they would end up leaving a massive dent on the surface. While we hear incidents of iPhone and Samsung phones exploding every now and then, the good old Nokia phone is busy saving people’s life.


The old Nokia phones were indestructible and the new phones are not bad either. A Nokia feature phone is reported to have recently taken a bullet for its owner – literally – and saved his life. According to a tweet by Microsoft’s General Manager of Core UX for Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone Peter Skillman, a man in Afghanistan was saved last week after a bullet got stuck in a Nokia phone.


A picture posted to Twitter shows a Nokia 301, released in 2013, that appears to have caught a bullet, the remains of which are lodged just behind the phone’s smashed screen. The picture was shared by Peter Skillman, who historically worked on the team that created the bullet proof phone. It is not clear whose life the bullet saved.


In response to Skillman’s post, other users posted pictures of the “indestructible” Nokia 3310 being used as a bullet proof jacket and a battering ram.

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Even though the phone is beyond repair, the man must be thanking his stars – and his phone. This, of course, is not the first time in recent years that a Nokia phone achieved this feat. In 2014, a Nokia Lumia 520 stopped a bullet fired at a Brazilian policeman, though the handset – predictably – got destroyed in the process.


Heisen Preet