World’s Largest Pearl(75 Pounds) Found Under a Man’s Bed..

When you think of a pearl, a pretty clear image probably pops into your mind: a round and iridescent gem about the size of a pea, or maybe even as big as a gumball if you’re feeling decadent.

So it’s OK if it takes a minute or two for your mind to process this next sentence.

Earlier this week, a fisherman revealed that for the past decade, he has been keeping a 2-foot-long, 1-foot-wide, 75-POUND pearl under his bed.


That’s right. This pearl is roughly the size of a (slightly overweight) golden retriever.  Naturally, the photos really don’t do it justice.


The fisherman stumbled upon this monster when his anchor got caught on the giant clam that produced it. Somehow unaware of its value, he kept it in his house as a good-luck charm until he decided to move.


Instead of tackling the logistics of moving the 75-pound behemoth, he asked his aunt, Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao, to take care of it. She got his permission to turn it into a tourist attraction for the town of Puerto Princesa, where it is now on display.


Maggay-Amurao is attempting to have its authenticity verified, since its mind-boggling size is unlike anything ever seen — before now, the largest natural pearl ever found was a mere 14 pounds.

She did note, however, that “all recorded giant pearls in the world came from Palawan waters,” the same area where this potential record-setter was discovered.  Must be something in the water making the giant clams crank out these giant pearls.


For those wondering, the 14-pound pearl had an estimated worth of $93 million.  Weighing in at 170,000 carats, the “Pearl of Puerto” remains the fisherman’s property, so he could be in for the bidding war of a lifetime.

Prashant Sharma