Why Bee Tourism is gaining importance world over?

As the aggregate income of an average household in the developed west continues to increase, one sees a fluid increase in global tourism. Year after year, season after season, there is a continued increase and overwhelmingly enthusiastic spur toward exploring the majesty of the greater world.



And what better than global tourism; seeing the world and exploring the million plus enormously impressive touristy destinations that exist in parallel in this wide world?



Over the years, as man’s impact over nature increases to take a toll on nature, thereby hampering the already limited resources in supply and the collective wealth of nature’s bountiful joy continues to face scathing attack on the wild life, many a species continue to face the scar of the threat of extinction. Surprisingly, in this dubious league of extinct creatures, honey bees too are included!



Surprised? Thought as much. But then, there are tons of nations that are promoting the concept of bee-tourism with an aim to safeguard the heritage of nature and it’s pristine jewels; the honey-bees. Honeybee tourism thanks to the medically beneficial aspect of honey’s healing abilities in finding immense build-up of curiosity among world travelers. Countries such as Malta, United Kingdom, Turkey, Slovenia, Sardinia and even Bangladesh and Uganda have emerged as important Bee keeping destinations. Moreover, it has been seen that the more the pesticide-free zones, the more the chances of bee-keeping centers emerging in different parts of the world.



Veritable honey Nirvanas, so to speak are emerging as tender and safe hubs from where the safety and protection of honey-bees emanates into rising as throbbing touristic forces. Bee-tourism is also concerned with carrying out extensive research on honeybee health. Isn’t that brilliant, how tourism and a natural interest in safeguarding nature’s essential elements are creating an interesting confluence of research and exploration?

Dev Ty

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