When a slack liner lied down on rope, at an altitude of 1316 ft. and scared the living daylights out of you

People are drawn to heights. Rather, achieving great heights. At the same time, people are also drawn toward crossing the zenith of ostentatious daring and courage.



Rather, in most parts of the world, for the sheer nature of utter daring committed by few people, the word is daredevilry.



There exists a point in our life where we are able to club bizarre levels of doing crazy stuff, added to supreme heights of courage in doing it. Perhaps, chances are, if you bring the two together, you become rope-walker Lukas Irmler, a Guinness World Record Holder and a familiar slack-liner.



Recently when Lukas, lay at an astonishing height of 1316 feet above the world’s highest free-falling waterfall, the hearts of hundreds of thousands skipped a beat. At the same time, Lukas’ bewildering level of daring perturbed people and moved them to tears, perhaps out of the thinly veiled layer of fear.



But, for most part, the German, traveling to Hunlen Falls, British Columbia, apparently made tens of thousands of new fans who were stunned by the level of heroism that meets with the lair of craziness. While this onerous task was completed, Lukas threw back a coin down the nostalgia road, reminding everyone of how he captured another world record, an imperiously challenging one, by walking the death-defying walk at Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, an incredible 2000 meter above sea-level.

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