14 National Stereotypes That Are True

1. Ready your Earplugs When Italians Arrive!

Italians are loud and noisy. They talk so loud, especially when they are on the phone. If you wish to have a live party all day, better live with Italians in the neighborhood!

2. They Don’t Smile Often, Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Happy.

Polish rarely smiles. Even if you shot a camera on them, don’t expect they’ll give you an authentic smile. They aren’t fond of selfies, actually. So, high – end selfie camera is not that attractive to them.

3. Don’t Go Near An Italian When They’re Talking

A pretty good joke about this. An Italian without an arm is a mute.

Aside from the fact that they talk loud, they gesticulate much louder. If you want to stop and Italian from talking, you better tie his arms.

4. Asians Hate Each Other?

Remember North and South Korea? Throughout Asian history, you can learn that Chinese hates Japanese, Vietnamese hates Chinese, and so on. Even in the internal borders of Asian countries. They hate each other.

5. All Good Things About Germans.

You have to sit properly when you’re in Germany. They stick to the rules. They are so conscious with structure and organization. If you mess, it doesn’t mean you can’t be with the Germans. It just simply means, you have to start learning the basic manners.

6. You Better Start With the Sheep

More than anything else, New Zealander loves sheep. If you want to know more about sheep, better go to New Zealand. Don’t expect that your conversation with them will not involve sheep.

7. Media Exaggerates their Obsession with the Weather

Brits are very much obsessed with the weather. Well, they say it’s the media, but closing the schools because of the tiny snowflakes on the road? Are they afraid to get wet?

8. They Love Orderly Queues, but Why They Fight?

Brits love to follow rules, especially when it comes to queueing. If you’ll cut the line, that’s the end of you. If you do this in a shopping mall, perhaps they can still silently judge you. But if you do this in the clubs, sure there will be a fight. So, better watch out!

9. Do You Know Who Consumes Most of the Tea?

It’s the Englishmen. They love tea. If you visit their homes, don’t expect that there is no cup of tea waiting for you. You’re lucky if you’ll get one. What if you’ll get more and you gotta visit more houses?

9. If You’re a Plastic Surgeon, Better Go to Korea!

Korean girls are fond of plastic surgery, particularly the “double – eyelid” surgery. Not only girls, but men too. So if you’re practicing surgeon, Korea is a good market for you.

10. Finnish, Shy!

If a Finnish doesn’t look straight in your eyes, it doesn’t mean that she is afraid or likes you. She is just simply born shy. But there is an irony here. They don’t mind being seen naked by strangers in the sauna.

11. I’m a Brazilian And I’m A Late Comer!

Don’t expect a Brazilian to arrive before the party starts. If you want to set a meeting at 11 am, tell them that the schedule is at 8. I’m sure they’ll be right on time for the 11am meeting.

12. Dutch Are Stingy!

Don’t expect a Dutch would pay the bill for you. They ride bikes while you ride on trains. If you have a Dutch boyfriend, it’s harmful to assume that he’ll be generous to you financially.

13. Swedes Don’t Socialize?

If you’re with a Swede, don’t expect he’ll do a lot of talking. Even if you’re a foreigner, your question is not guaranteed to be answered by them. They rarely talk to each other, and they don’t talk to strangers!

14. Indians are hairy.

You can identify Indian by the way they look. They are blessed with so much hair. Some people envy them because they can effortlessly grow a beard. Indian girls can even do this, better than any man out there.


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