This teen left a spell-binding inspiring message moving millions days before he died

In today’s world driven by social media and sunken in technology, almost everyone is a digital evangelist. You can be of any age and could be in any distant part of the world but you can easily express, opine, judge, criticize and analyse any trend or story and become a story-teller.



Similarly, people also become famous video bloggers. But not everyone can be an inspiring figure and leave millions reeling behind a moving story or idea!



Take this 18 year old former American video blogger, Ben Breedlove. He was a video blogger too, but one who left for heavenly abode way too soon, yeah, way too soon for his age, albeit leaving behind a legacy that was as emotional as it was inspiring.



This Texas son suffered all his life from an acute heart condition fighting which he lost the battle of life but even then, won millions of hearts worldwide for posting a sensational and heart-wrenching message that touched the chords of people, regardless of geography, age and culture.



Famous for several vlogs on Youtube, this avid American Youtuber left behind this message that prove why he was such a special soul and shall be remembered all his life!

Take a look


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