This adorable dog is a hero and an inspiration. Read on to find out why?

Dogs are cuddly, sweet, gentle and despite their pooping and smelly aura- immensely cute companions. Isn’t it? But most of the times, we liken our pets, dogs especially to being our gentle companions to all that we undergo in life- pain, trauma, sadness, happiness and those little strands of joys that make life worth living!



Ain’t that true? For some amusing reason, the cute cuddly nature of our harmless pets and dogs weighs so much in our lives that we almost forget that they are far more talented and capable than what we give them credit for.



A recent incident in the U.K. in a happy go lucky cheery English household proved otherwise. It was a rare incident that proved that dogs are brave and far more intelligent than we imagine them to be.



When a harmless game of hide and seek between 5 year old Riley Duffy went wrong with his sisters, the little kid had to admitted into a hospital by doting dad, Aaron. The reason: the young boy picked up bruises, burns and scrapes after hiding behind the family’s dryer. When the door shut, he was trapped. But luckily, pet Teddy, the family dog was there to evade the worst. Dad Aaron shared that Teddy alerted his wife that something was wrong. He just wouldn’t stop barking. And soon, when Riley’s mum discovered the family dryer, she found her son with his iPad going round-and-round being stuck.



Since Riley has got ‘Down Syndrome’ he wasn’t aware of the dangers that came with this playful prank. And even as the boy sustained burns and injuries, he was taken in for a cold shower while the family called for the ambulance. Luckily, no major damage was done and Teddy was the hero who saved the day.

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