These GIFs about loneliness secretly open the key to leading a wholesome life

It is something that is avoidable, at least from the outset. It is also a dark truth about the feel good existence in today’s urban space where we all live for instant gratification. It can strike one surprisingly and linger on, long enough to hurt and wreck someone from within. It precedes joys associated with achievements and short-lived happy moments and follows bittersweet vagaries of life such as love; found, lost, re-found; friendships; forged, broken or lost.



It creeps up on you as silently as common cold and other treatable ailments. And sadly, often goes neglected.



And yet, for its slyly harrowing affect can be damaging if efforts aren’t made to shrug it off. Loneliness isn’t a disease really but sadly, an inevitable truth of today’s day and age. Why we feel lonely and how we deal with it, truth be told, has little to do with material aspects of everyday life. And it may just be true that the sense of financial and emotional strength one enjoys aren’t the only aspects responsible for loneliness for it is mostly a state of mind that determines the state of someone’s life!


We present you some fascinating insights about Loneliness and its impact on people as represented through these moving GIFs:

1. When nothing seems alright



So maybe that is how it’s suppose to be. Isn’t it? That everything around us is perfect or seems apt can be an illusion that we have self-created. And may be that is what ceases to encourage us from exploring more

2. Don’t like what you see?



So while on one hand this certainly sucks and seems alarming, how about looking at it from a different perspective? Could it be that there’s so much to improve within yourself that you may just not be able to find time for, to be allocated to another meaningless activity such as running after people to spend rather kill time! Isn’t loneliness the perfect opportunity to ‘soothe the pain’ within?

3. Not such a terrible thing after all



Another chance at redemption, don’t we all sense it? Yes, it can be painful and hurting, but mustn’t we allow loneliness to grow so big on us that it just becomes impossible for us to let it out of our system. Some may refer to self-help books, pick up the guitar, pen down some lyrics, meet old friends, have a meaningful means to an activity than random soul-searching! May be that’s the catch after all in beating loneliness?

4. Now here’s a brilliant start

tumblr_n6cn2rMicB1t1ybuvo1_500 (1)


It’s not necessary that life should always fetch us the little glittery glories to make our hearts filled with hope. If we were to be so dependent on outright foreplay of destiny and good hope coming true for us and it never did, then won’t life be a cross we would be hanging on our droopy shoulders, lacking life? Most certainly, saying goodbye to non-existent and lifeless relations that we were hanging on to, for the heck of it, is a good start. Isn’t it? Think about it.

5. Don’t be too sensitive on yourself



None of us are perfect. We aren’t supposed to be. Else, we would be walking with the divine and with things from a higher cosmos here on Earth. So if it’s hurts you to pretend that it doesn’t hurt you at all, it isn’t really a bad thing. It’s a good progressive sign that you are emotional; and therefore- caring and sensitive. Instead of being cold, arrogant or stubbornly indifferent, being sentimental is a first positive. The next step is do practice a bit of what it means to be ‘Zen’. To be sagely aloof and to be under a bit of self-control will hold you in good stead in life. Go for it.

7. Maybe you don’t need to run at all?



From the Godfather, the famous dialogue that stood out was , “Go to the mattresses”. It meant, fight and fight for it. Do not give up easily. So if you face facts, it is true, you will find that what is inside of you, is solely yours; like an entity you don’t want to part with. And why do you need to. Haven’t we all heard the phrase- you yourself are you heaven and . It is all here and it all happening around us; within! Don’t be shy to face the truth. Loneliness, may just be the cure to let go of your inhibitions and self-created prophecies of what it means to be ‘ideal’ or perfect.

8. Find the new ‘you’



There’s just this to be said about it, ‘ if you don’t understand yourself, no one will’. In fact, dare we say, none need to, accept those who really matter! And that said, ask yourself the most pertinent question that perhaps may never have been answered, ‘ are you irreplaceable’? ‘Are you indispensable’? None of us are. Who really can be?


                                                                                    sometimes goodbye’s are for a reason

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