These dumbest things will make you laugh as much as surprise you about the IQ level of us humans

Stupid is as stupid does! Heard that before? You may have. But for a change, the word stupid, often used and at times, overused to contain over half of the world’s population when they blow-up can take some well-deserved rest. The simple reason being, we have found plenty of reasons for insanely idiotic to be used!



As much as we are annoyed at the finding of our latest discovery, we are also confused as to what took such an ideal phrase too long to be found. Why didn’t these silly, and unbearably idiotic questions were discovered only just?



Why couldn’t we find them earlier? Had that been the case, stupid would have had to do some bench-warming and disastrously idiotic would have taken away all its thunder.



In case you are wondering what on the face of this holy, pious earth are we talking about, here’s the explanation! There are some utterly ridiculous comments made by the most random people on social media, who by virtue of their outright dumbness make Mr. Beans the most intellectual movie ever made. Better still, these retarded questions give competition to Jim Carrey’s look in Dumb and Dumber! Truth be told, the travail of their suffering is such that one can bear with Carrey’s hairstyle but not with the wavered moral and intellectual compass of those who asked these questions in the first place. So here we go then:

6GeI7cQ (1)


If there weren’t green apples, then was there an iPhone Green?




Thanks for not expecting a Peruvian Lima right in the middle of the Namibian wilderness? What would have you called that species? Detecting a daughter’s gender is tough right?




Find us the ‘mammal’ who asked this question in the first place. He or she or ‘it’ deserves to get liberated from the Earth. This planet is not for that person.






What’s both black, white, wheatish and brown in skin color, comes in all shapes and sizes, smiles and asks the most redundant questions and has the talent of killing you without even doing any physical harm to you? Simple: a stupid person.


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