These 8 Hotels Around The World Are Heaven On Earth

“Luxury and comfort never goes out of fashion”. Indeed, we travel for luxury, we travel for architecture and we travel to be lost in comfort. Check out the list of the world’s best hotels where you would find all the luxuries with comfort as a complementary gift. So, just start packing your bags and get ready to stay in these world renowned hotels.

1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Built like a small amiable fortress, costing about $3 billion with 394 rooms and suits, 40 conference and meeting rooms, luxurious pools and fountains and over 1000 chandeliers, this hotel is regarded as the most prestigious and most expensive hotel in the Middle East. The lavish surroundings around the hotel make it more elegant and scenic to go and stay.

2. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Regarded as the one of the most photographed and most lavishing hotels in the world, this hotel in Dubai is built to resemble a billowing sail and includes all top notch amenities like an attached heliport and hovering tennis courts and an additional feature of a chauffeur to fleet guests in Rolls Royce thus setting a benchmark and a VIP Status.

3. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

This beautiful 141-acre waterscape is one of the most prestigious hotels in Bahamas and is made as a tribute to the lost city of Bahamas. It is well regarded as the premier luxury resort anyone could ever wish to stay because of its scenic beauty and such great facilities like whirlpool tubs, twin entertainment centre and what not. Reading all this, wouldn’t you like to stay here for a day or two?

4. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Situated in Antalya in Turkey, the Mardan Palace Hotel is regarded as the hotel with the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean which fits around 1000 guests. The hotel was made by a Russian Billionaire, Telman Ismailov in the year 2009.This hotel is one of the most elite hotels in entire Europe with all the luxuries any person wants.

5. Palms, Las Vegas

Profound for the high roller living, the Las Vegas Palms is the perfect spot for an enthralling party, get together at its massive rooftop Jacuzzi. This hotel is the right place for bachelors due to it lavishing bar, gym, sauna and even for clients to have a workplace with work twined with amusement.

6. Secrets Marquis, Los Cabos

The spectacular place in Los Cabos opens widely to the sea like serenity with blissful waterfalls, infinity pools, massive balconies where you can stand and witness the huge whales migrating. This is only the place where all the foreign dignitaries stay for the G20 Conference. I am sure you would love to stay here and witness and feel the nature’s beauty.

7. Cuisin Art Golf Resort & Spa, Anguilla

Located in the beautiful city of Anguilla this amazing resort stands at the Anguilla beaches with extra ordinary luxurious rooms. Initially, this was not intended for any guests and it was just used as a tropical playground for its owner but later on, due to the beauty of its location, it turned out to be a resort. One must go and stay in this resort.

8. The Plaza, New York City

Designated as the National History Landmark in 1969, this outstanding hotel is always the primary choice of all VIP delegates and people because of the scenic view of Manhattan from this place. With extra ordinary features, this hotel is counted as one of the royal hotels in the city of New York.


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