The Spaces Bows Its Head For Bowie – Lightning Bolt Created As Tribute

the legendary bowie  may have left his mortal coils but he has been immortalized  as constellation much like greek gods would confer the constellation on the mightiest warrior who towered above everyone.

a composite image featuring a sketch of bowie and an outline of his constellation was released by the organizations that registered the stars.

mira, the belgian public observatory and studio brussels jointly registered the seven star grouping. the seven star includes sigma librae, spica, alpha virginis, zeta centauri, saa 204 132, and the beta sigma octantis trianguli australis.  these stars form a pattern of lightning bolt. the bolt shaped constellation is an ode to bowie’s albom aladdin sane.

the news which spread like a fire hastened a clarification from the observatory who pointed out that the grouping of the stars was not a constellation per se but was asterism. asterism refers to the lines connecting the stars.

the homage was inspired by bowie’s fascination with space and the stars.  “star man” and  “space oddity” are some of the chart busters based on space.

according to ddb advertising agency’s press release, david  bowie had a special affinity and love for everything related to universe. the release further adds, ziggy stardust, one of  bowie greatest albom hhad  him featuring as an alien rock star.

david bowie fans can pay their  respect  by requesting  a song or leaving a message on the stardust for bowie website. lightning bolt, the recent asterism has been recreated on the site. every visit by the fans or interactions among the fans will increase the brightness of the dot inside the lightning bolt. more the number of visitors, brighter will the constellation shine.

bowie who passed away on january 10th  from cancer released his last albom just two days before his death. the albom black star debuted straight at the top on billboards top 200.

Uma Maheshwari