The most inspiring and enigmatic movies of 2016 that you could watch in 2017

A passage to the heart, straight from the dexterity of camerawork and motion-less stillness of erudition and thinking, movies convey a special kind of brightness that we seek from life.



Movies aren’t just about entertainment, they are also about valuable lessons learnt and some imparted to lives around us.



It is through meaningful cinema and enchanting storylines that consulted ideas transform into inspiring and at times, applicable messages. So which were the movies that made our day all throughout 2016? Could these be re-watched and are they share-worthy? Ozock explains yes with a reason:

1. The Founder



Unfortunately the life of Ray Kroc, the man because of whom we all enjoy a spicy bite of McDonald’s’ delectable menu isn’t celebrated much. And then came along Michael Keaton in the titular role to help shed some much-wanted light on the mega successful empires’ story.

2. The Forest



No one wants to die unless something terribly disturbing isn’t letting go of an individual in its ebb. Suicide, then becomes a plausible action. But in ‘The Forest’, based closely on Japan’s mysterious forest called Aoikigahara, has a different under-current to the tectonic trouble and horror; life is precious and therefore, one should think twice about it before choosing to give up on life. Rather, the message in this movie based on seriously true events on recurring suicides (in the said jungle) is about valuing life over death.

3. The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi



September is unfortunately associated with black when it comes to the context of American safety and defence preparedness, a facet none held severely challenged by unfathomable but looming crises in the last couple of decades. The 2016 film based on real events as they transpired during the attack on a CIA station and another terrorist attack brings to life massive tumult and paranoia. If you wish to delve a bit deeper as to what really happened on September 11, 2012, you can’t afford to miss this action-thriller.

4. The Finest Hours



The year is 1952 and the SS Pendleton is split volcanically into two pieces by a terrible sea-storm. This leads those onboard- a fighting and daring crew of two oil tankers on-board to bounce back to stability amidst the volatile and ensuing stormy drama. It helps then that the star-cast is an ensemble crew of fine talents such as Chris Pine and Casey Affleck. 

5. Eddie, the Eagle


No one since Eddie Edwards revived Britain and it’s interest and, participation toward Olympic ski jumping quite like this top-notch skiing talent. The movie showcases the great and legendary ski athlete’s challenges, anxieties, surprises and, triumphs. But, the real treat of the movie apart from it’s rich cast of biting talents is that of Hugh Jackman, who plays a wonderful albeit functional, friendly character. 

6. Whisky, Tango and, Foxfoot



On one hand we have sensitive topics for any geopolitical crises, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. And on the other, there is a tense and forever gripping context of Taliban. Then, with Tina Fey at the helm of the affairs in this drama-makes the political and thriller comedy a must watch.

7. I saw the light



Tom Hiddleston is inarguably a great piece of news for all of us who have become someone. He isn’t from this hyped up league of cinema or acting and brings a punch or two of vivid, interesting cinema to the screen overtime his blonde haired charm bags an interesting challenge. So it had to get smart and charismatic even when the star played one of Jazz musicians, especially the charismatic albeit flawed Hank Williams. This was, unarguably the best part ever played by Tom.

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