Singapore’s Diwali-themed Train is a visual spectacle and buzzing on social media

When it comes to matching style and elegance in the vivid specters of design and architecture, the world’s attention often remains with Europe and especially with its medieval castles, historic forts and palaces and the glorious ruins of the bygone era.



But when it comes to matters of Economy, Entrepreneurship and the booming Corporate culture, one didn’t really associate Singapore for any other landmark achievement or facet save these. Even less, when it came to art. Or so it seemed.



But ever a land of surprises, the magnificent and powerful South East Asian nation has currently commanded world’s attention thanks its magnificent art resurrection in an important construct of civilian infrastructure. Using creativity to the very best in the domain of everyday metro rail travel, Singapore has themed a specially Diwali-styled train that has caught the fancy of the Twitterati and the Facebook generation. Not least, that of art connoisseurs.



In an important  cultural move, the enterprising Singaporean government is running a special train themed on the colorful and elicit beauty of Diwali (the festival of light and celebration) on the North-Eastern line of the Singapore city. Using a multitude of colors, designs, peacock themes and vivid symbols of colorful celebrations, the whole of Singapore has witnessed the brilliant spectacle on moving wheels.



The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) in association with the huge trading community of Little India, an important city hub of Singapore has taken the beautiful move marking the Diwali festivities and celebrations with much gusto and fun-fair. In fact, the tourism minister for Singapore has decided to run this special Diwali themed train well beyond the festival of Diwali, well upto mid-November.

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