Polish Army deciding to teach women self defence techniques for free is a brilliant and inspiring move

Poland remains an enigmatic country like always. This magnificent East European nation renowned for its Jewish heritage, medieval castles and enigmatic architecture has remained a prestigious European nation for decades.



And given its exemplary culture and decorated facets of civilian life- marked with richness in simplicity and cordiality, it seems, nothing is going to change for Poland.



Recently, a news came in from the East European nation that marked the country in greater glory in worldwide media. Apparently, the Polish Army, one of the best and elite in Europe is teaching women in the country self-defence and allied techniques for free.



As the nation prepares to solidify its stand in times marked with incessant chaos given the nature of crime and other illicit activities, nothing could be more gladdening than this news.



Army instructors are providing a rich array of technique to Polish women that include defensive postures, how to break holds, guard against assaults like kicks, punches and other blows. The Polish Defense Minister, Antoni Macierewicz said the aim behind initiating the free military training program was to teach women basic fighting techniques so that their sense of self-security and integrity get further strength. Kudos to the magnificent effort.

Dev Ty

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