Police officers in Canada show what it means to go ‘beyond the call of duty’

The cops are tough guys. One reckons, they are supposed to be. Are they not? They will smile a little less, yell a lot more, won’t exactly be stuff you would like to cuddle and even when you encounter that weird moment of ‘hand-shake’ with a cop, there’s an unsaid fear about it.



Isn’t it?

But that’s all a load of baloney! Truth be told, thanks to how cops have been portrayed in popular media adding to it the self-inflicted misery of our doubts and unfounded judgement, we have reduced policemen as ‘tough nuts’ that lack emotion and know nothing about warmth and care.



And that is just not right. This was proven comprehensively in Canada where in 3 cops on duty, took the role of babysitters in a daycare center. This funnily amusing development happened at the advent of the provider of the daycare had to be admitted in a hospital on account of a medical emergency.



According to the West Shore RCMP, the officers provided babysitting services to 4 young children. They played with balloons, made french fries out of Play-Doh and were at the side of the kids at all times till their parents came to pick them up. One of the parent, Kirsty Armstrong shared that her child had a ‘blast’ with the officers and had a great day at the daycare.



This just goes to prove that our law enforcement guardians are more talented than we imagined and are endowed with warmth and genuine concern, that sadly often fails to meet our eyes! Hope this common misconception about our Police changes.

Dev Ty

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