Not kidding: Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger welcomes 8th child. Can you guess his age?

There you have it! Finally, a news that comes in as a nasty bit of a surprise to sort of make your day. Nasty because of the sheer credibility it affirms to men who are ‘past the age of physical prowess’ and surprising since none of us heard about the legendary Mick Jagger for a very long time.



An interesting bit of news is doing media circles about Mick Jagger having become a father for the 8th time. And that’s not all!



His age is 73. ‘Chilling’ bit of news in the context of the larger rational idea, we’ve all believed that once a man is a septuagenarian, he is more or less ‘done and dusted’.



But wow, Jagger, the legend seems a true-blue, a ‘Rolling Stone’. Welcoming his eighth child with girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, who’s just 29, the couple who have a 44 year age gap were overjoyed hearing the news of their new baby, a boy.



Incredibly, Mick Jagger, who is now definitely going ‘strong’ is about to release a new album. Wow, need some motivation? Hear Jagger ‘getting jiggy with it’.

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