Man shoots himself live on Facebook after a break-up

A heartbroken man died after shooting himself – in a tragic moment watched by more than half a million people on Facebook Live.

Erdogan Ceren, from Turkey, broadcasted the shooting live for the world to see on his public page.


The 22-year-old explains to the camera that he has been driven to suicide by the break up of his relationship, and appears distressed.

About 36 seconds into the clip, a loud noise believed to be a gunshot can be heard, and the video turns black before stopping a few minutes later.

As the video was live, he was inundated with comments from people urging him not to shoot himself.

He appears to be very distressed during the clip as he points the large gun at his chest.


Erdogan said: ‘No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.’


Erdogan had posted about his heartbreak several times on Facebook, saying he was ‘feeling broken’.

Prashant Sharma

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