Man accused for leaving behind bacon sandwich in Mosque is found dead serving his prison sentence halfway

First of all, headlines such as these really spoil the day, tarnish the mind and disappoint the spirit. What on earth is a bacon sandwich got to do with someone’s death, one would wonder?



In the first place, the sheer absurdity of witnessing a man’s death on account of leaving behind a bacon sandwich outside a place of worship, unfortunately that shan’t have been the case sounds painful. In fact, incredibly painful.



But this is life where situations come with a bizarre stamp that none can help. Kevin Crehan, a Briton was found dead whilst serving his jail term inside the prison. He committed a crime, according to law, perhaps so gory and unacceptable that he had to be sent to prison while his real act was leaving a bacon sandwich behind a venerable and undoubtedly pious place of worship, the Mosque. He was wrong though, in fact, hideously wrong when he along with three others organised a racially-motivated coup against the Mosque at Bristol.



But unfortunately, sent to prison, where Kevin was serving his jail-term, when none expected the worst, he died. Surprisingly, the others who were involved, Alison and Angelina Swales also met a sudden end. The fact that the two other jailed accomplices to Kevin died whilst in the midst of a term alike Kevin’s own death makes the matter deeply motivated.



Was someone else involved in this incident? Who knows!

Dev Ty

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