In what could have been her final moments, women claimed, Jesus saved her, appearing on her ‘death-bed’

The sense of an ending can be sad and peculiarly eerie. Imagine the moment you know you are going, fading slowly toward the enervating hold of death! What would your thoughts be? The feeling could be absorbing beyond explanation, isn’t it?



But recently, a woman claimed on British tabloids that she encountered the ‘divine’ as she bravely battled on with near fatality in the midst of a serious medical condition. Revealing that she saw lord Jesus Christ, who appeared on her death-bed, made of fire and thunder, the lady described she was awe-struck and completely bewildered by what she saw.



Suffering from ectopic miscarriage, just four minutes from what could have been a brush with death, the lady screamed and confessed on video that just as she felt life was leaving her body, Jesus appeared out of nowhere.



She sensed a light in the corner of a room that began to grow large and just when it had seemed to her that her life was going to end, she found new hope. Even then, sadly her baby could not be saved but the lady found a new lease of life. What do you think may have actually happened? Did the lady really meet the almighty? Or was she plainly hallucinating?



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