If you want to understand the American Dream, read this awesome woman’s story

If you are a regular Facebooker or someone who seldom but at least at some point of time visits Facebook, then you will be no stranger to the magnificent ‘Humans of New York’ page. A fascinating and moving account of various life journeys in the mesmerizing and much loved New York city, ‘Humans of New York’ is a community that inspires, expresses, shares, energizes and discusses life from its unique vagaries and multiple human stories.



One of the most moving stories emanating from the widely followed Facebook page is of an amazing mid-age African American woman who overcame societal challenges to lead a normal and happy life. Unfortunately, the name of this courageous and magnificent American lady isn’t known. But what is known is her inspiring tale that enabled her to lead a life of normality against all odds.



She shares that at the age of 16, when most young girls her age were busy attending school, she was pregnant with her first child. She got kicked out of her high-school because of her falling attendance records. Further damage was inflicted in her tumultuous life when her family dissed her. The community outcast her, perhaps for the radical new development in her life, a facet for which she was looked down upon. But at the same time, the woman got a job at a sports good store. Post this, she moved on to a more regular job as a receptionist at a tax company. Soon enough, she learnt so many of the tasks at her new employer that she learnt all about taxes.



Eventually, she would rise to become an associate. Ever a curious learner, she then moved on to a smaller company, despite accepting a pay-cut but only so that she could learn all about accounts-accounts payable, accounts receivable and everything. She would, to her utter amusement discover that the controller of this accounts firm would leave in the next six months. This meant, that she would be the new controller. But officially, she wasn’t qualified to be called a controller for not having a college degree. That did little to dissuade her passion. But that wasn’t all!



In a span of five months, she finished her college degree that she had left midway to make things ‘official’. And that is the perfect success story, the kinds that lifts our spirits and energizes us to do the daunting; the unthinkable. How many people, with a child at age 16 rise to become a success without a college degree? You’ve shown the way woman. Respect!

Dev Ty

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