If this isn’t a billion dollar kind of stupid then what is: woman arrested for beating herself up

The world is full of hate. Don’t you think? And then, it is also full of haters and crime doers and, those who inflict a certain misery upon their fellow beings.



But, at the same time, the world is full of stupid people also. Stupid, to an extent that they can recreate a brand new earth with their epic kind of s*it that remains in earth’s ebb as the planet of disaster.One such vital example surfaced to life, here on this very earth through a woman and the utterly idiotic act she committed.



In Chicago, the local police rushed to a domestic household scene, just a few days ago to uncover a crime they instantly would’ve thought was the equivalent of seeing something as unexpected as a Kim Kardashian without make up. Better still, something like a Kangaroo submitting a research paper on the merits of not-jumping.



It turned out, a 34 year old woman, Jenny Peak had been arrested, charged by the Chicago cops for apparently beating herself up.One cop, apparently someone who had arrested her confessed that she was so determined to beat her as if it was the last day of hers on earth. It was the kind of beating, the cop told, that he hadn’t seen in his life ever before.

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But the worst thing in the case was the reason for Jenny’s bizarre antic: it was revealed that she had taken a $12 bet from her step-father that she couldn’t beat up her own behind. And guess, she was left trying. Her step-father said, he would happily give her the money but that the recovery post severe medical aid would actually cost the family around #4000 dollars. That’s cute, right?

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