Girl has 80 worms removed from her ear after insect attracted to dirty conditions entered her body

A four-year-old girl living in a small village in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, in central India,  has had 80 worms removed from her ear after an insect attracted to foul smells and dirty conditions entered the orifice. Radhika Mandloi  had started to suffer extreme pain and itching in her left ear a week ago.

Radhika Mandloi

At first, her parents thought she was over reacting. But when she started crying continuously they eventually took her to the hospital in Indore on October 8. Dr Raj Kumar Mundra, head of the ear, nose and throat department at the hospital, gave her a thorough examination and was shocked to find an insect called Genus Chrysomya inside her ear, which had laid nearly 80 eggs.

Worms from Radhika Mandloi's ear

Dr Mundra said: “I was very shocked to see so many eggs. This type of bug is attracted to foul smells and extremely unhygienic conditions. And as the ears and nose are areas most vulnerable and open they enter and lay eggs. We’ve had previous cases where they’ve had two or three eggs but this is the first time we’ve seen anyone with such a huge amount.”

Radhika Mandloi

The girl had to endure two sittings to remove the 80 worms, each lasting nearly 90 minutes. Dr Mundra added: “The worms can cause severe damage to the ear bone if there is an excessive movement. So the treatment needed special attention and had to be done very carefully. We first had to kill the worms so they could not move while we were removing them. In the first sitting we removed around 70 worms, and in the second sitting we removed the final ten.” 

Radhika Mandloi


Radhika is still at the hospital and will be kept under close observation for the next seven days. Dr Mundra said that several MRI scans ensured the worms had not entered the brain but if she had been left another week the condition could have been deadly. He added: “Any discharge of fluid in the ear should not be ignored as it could attract larva, which reproduces quickly. The ears and nose are close to the brain and need proper hygiene. It’s evident this family live in unhygienic conditions which has seen the young girl suffer as a consequence. It’s a very sad state of affairs.”

Radhika Mandloi pictured with her father

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