Finland slated to become world’s first country to get rid of all school subjects

It is known as a Nordic wonderland. It is hailed for its memorable independence from the clutches of Russia in getting free. And now it is set to ‘free’ its school-going children from all of the subjects.



Yes, it is never a dull day in Finland where often the sun refuses to shine at its usual feverish pitch. With an educated system rated as among the best in the world, Finland manages to enthrall the world with some interesting choices in lifestyle and now most certainly, toward education.



Finland deserves a lot of the world’s attention for producing some of the finest and most evolved brains in the form of its children yet using a minimalist system of education. It had already garnered the respect of the world by not taking any tuition fees from school children and for providing them with free meals. And now, has gained further media traction for all the right reasons by doing away with subjects like Math, Physics, History, Geography and Literature.

What will be now inducted will be a holistic and perhaps a scientific way of learning subjects. For instance, when a student undergoes ‘working in a cafe course’, he or she will have to prove communication skills, analytical skills using math and off course basic economics understanding. Similarly, tricky and extensive subjects like Second World War, wherein one of the greatest snipers was a Finnish himself, Simo Hayha, will be approached from a mathematical, historical and geographical perspective.



Isn’t that just brilliant? That is Finland for you- evolved and creative!

Dev Ty

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