Finally some great news about Golden Eagles numbers. Dwindling population of Golden Eagles turns into flourishing numbers.

It is a bird of prey. But one that was heavily preyed upon. Or so it seemed from the dwindling population numbers of the Golden Eagle.



Especially in the UK, where the last survey of the Golden Eagle was taken way back in 2003, there was only a paltry jump in its figures from 1992. From 20 breeding pairs, although the figure jumped to 443, there were rife fears about the population of the Golden Eagle being hampered by a genuine lack in their numbers.



Consider 443! This isn’t a huge number, although large considering it took 20 breeding pairs to account for this statistic. But still 443?



Good news coming in from the UK has major encouraging signs about this number. There is now a 15% increase in the numbers of Golden Eagle found in ‘Her Majesty’s Empire’, a figure that has jumped to 508. Interestingly, the recent survey, one conducted by RSPB Scotland suggests that Scotland is now the home to world’s largest number of Golden Eagle’s.



The conservation status now tagged as a ‘favorable’ figure posits the impressive increase in the population of Golden Eagle as an important first step taken toward this bird of prey’s conservation and population growth. It is alleged that increased monitoring and satellite tagging of the eagles saved the majestic free-flowing birds of prey from the virulent fears about them being extinct. Bravo! And thank !

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