Donald Trump turns into a giant funny-looking rooster in China. Bizarreness and humour at its best

2016 might have been a different sort of year for most of us but, for a certain new American President elect, it was about Trumping the opposition and the views of the larger world.



Most call him a serial dictator, oversized hunch growing painfully at the back and according to some, he is the perfect anti-pleasure pill taken to zone the mind out of some disturbing trouble.



But no matter what you or they might say, Donald Trump is the man of the moment. Then, little does it matter that one of the giant economies of the world treats him like a rooster. Yeah, believe it or not.



It isn’t yet known as to why exactly a Donald Trump rooster statue turned up in the East, the land of the Oriental in the heart of China but one thing is surely true: the figure is worth having a close look at, no matter what time or moment of the day.



Right outside a famous shopping-district in China’s Shanxi province, Donald Trump the rooster greets passerby’s in the same way the real legend faces them- that stiff upper-lipped quip marking a cold look, staring away from the ensuing action. The sculpture is actually owned by the company that directly owns the mall and ever since Mr. Trump’s larger than life approach to everything appeared in the world, there’s been no chicken-hearted response to this sculpture. Perhaps, that’ s finally a positive.

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