Dad inspires millions for building ghost buster car costume around his son’s wheelchair for Halloween

Just days before, the entire world was engulfed in massive jovial celebrations around Halloween. This ghastly surprising eve marked by a bit of banter, partying, chit-chat, gory and horrific dressing is so much fun. Don’t we all get to see amazing shades among all of us who bring out exuberant and notorious colors of mischief on Halloween?



I reckon we just love it.

But then, not everybody can actually get into the thick of things of the ensuing Halloween fun and hoopla. Some are honestly left behind! Those differently abled and marred by some physical condition or malaise are not able to squeeze out as much fun from Halloween as the rest of us.



With that thought in mind and dreading the idea that his wheelchair bound son may just miss out on all the fun and splendor of Halloween, a California dad came up with a sweet albeit mind boggling inspiration for his son.



Ryan Miller, who has been making innovative and out of the box Halloween costumes for his son Jeremy came out with a masterpiece of an invention when he made a Ghostbuster styled car built around his son’s wheelchair. The special ‘wagon’ designed for Halloween was built around Ghostbusters Ecto-1 costume.



A thoroughly devoted dad, Ryan detailed the steps in order to build the wheelchair costume on a page he’s created on Instagram, specially devoted to his son. Ryan also provided photographic updates of his costume’s progress amidst Jeremy’s other academic updates and wheelchair basketball snapshots. Confessing this creation to be the most ‘complex’ built of his life, Ryan rose to the occasion in ensuring that his son enjoyed a spectacular Halloween, one that Jeremy may never forget in the years to come.

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