Brace yourself for the biggest and brightest supermoon in over 70 years, soon this November

Nature does hold an exuberant power to draw us to its limitless expanse of amazing sights and glorious scenery. There’s nothing more beautiful, truth be told, than seeing a full lit sky with dazzling stars shining here from above the earth.



Also, the glorious expanse of an ocean in high tide or the brightly burning sun lighting up the entire earth! Which possible sight could even come close to such an inspiring and captivating sight ever?

l96uu-supermoon1                                                                                                 source

But you would be wrong to think, that these were the only amazing sights that nature has showered happily on us descendants of Mother Earth. How about the mesmerizing glance at the sight of a full blown super-moon? Yeah, this is a sight not to be missed as the super-moon, biggest and brightest in 70 long years will be there for the naked human eye to see come mid November.



In an major developing news, it is being stated that the most keenly awaited astronomical event this year will be that of the November Supermoon, when the moon will be the closest to earth than it has ever been in the last 70 years.



Excited? Aren’t we all. Watch out for November 14, where the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than on an average full-moon day. We just can’t wait to set our sights on this roaring phenomenon!

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