Best Boy Bands Of All Time

1. Nsync

This boy band has hits that have topped the billboard charts like “This I Promise You”, “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Bye Bye Bye”. They started on the limelight back in 1995 and the people just loved them, especially the girls of course. Unfortunately, this group does not do performances anymore, but Justin Timberlake, one of the Nsync members has gone towards a solo career and did well!

2. Boyz II Men

Boyz2Men is the most phenomenal RnB all American group and they released the best RnB ballads that you’ve surely heard already. Their voices and their music affinity plus their flawless group harmony have proven that they are one of the best boy bands ever!

3. Boyzone

Boyzone is an all-Irish boyband with initially 5 members; the most populat one is Ronan Keating who eventually went out to have a solo career. They have timeless classic love songs like “I love the way you love me”, “No Matter what”, “Baby can I hold you” and more that has melted the hearts of their listeners.

4. Backstreet Boys

Did you know that this group had a reunion concert in the Philippines just a few days ago? Oh yes, this group is still doing performances and they don’t seem to get older, as performances go. The Backstreet Boys had also released songs that topped the Billboard charts, and they surely deserve a spot at being one of the best boy bands ever!

5. Westlife

Westlife is another Irish boy band just like boyzone. They were formed as a group in the middle of 1998 and disbanded four years after. During their time in the limelight, the group has also released a lot of singles, done so many sold out concerts and garnered millions of fans. Well, these boys are cute, that would not be surprising, and they also have a great vocal harmony that made their songs chart toppers.

6. 98 Degrees

This American boy band is famous for their pop and RnB songs like “I Do”, “My Everything” and “The Hardest Thing”. They’re songs were in proms, Valentine’s Day parties, and other places that are oozing with romance.

7. One Direction

Well, I guess we all know this boy band pretty well. They’re songs have gone into charts for the past year or two. And they’re famous not just for their chart topping songs, but also for their not-so-pleasant antics.

8. Menudo

Let’s go back in time and reminisce about Menudo. They’re the biggest Latin boy band ever! These boys are not just talented back then, but they are cute! By the way, can you guess where Ricky Martin is on that picture?

9. New Kids On The Block

New Kids on The Black is an American boy band who was formed in 1984. These boys have a lot to say if it comes to being a well respected boy band as they have won two American Music Awards. Though this group has disbanded in 1990, they are still one of the best bands ever!

10. The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 has started their career small: joining talent shows and performing in small gigs. But boy did they hit big time as they had become popular by 1967 when they started their singing career! The Jackson 5 is one of the first black American boy bands to attain so much popularity. Plus, they produced a superstar in Michael Jackson.


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