Amazing and Inspiring: 8 facts about Dolph Lundgren that prove he’s way too smart and intelligent than an average Hollywood star

Hollywood is the perfect stable that unleashes pretty much everything from its reserve: inspiring talents, gaudy charms, unbelievable box office highs and some inexplicable romances and fashion statements. But every now and again, beating the booming clutter and tiring charades of outplayed Hollywood mediocrity, comes a star who is more than the sum of the worldly expectations fans have of him.



There are those rare commodities in Hollywood that don’t just simply restrict themselves to beating around the bush. They are in a different one of a kind league.

The tiring scripts may wither down the energy, the complications of Hollywood and its complex commercial complications have even force stars in this rare league to withdraw, if only occasionally into a world where a break doesn’t signal breakaway from monotony but an inclination toward doing something different and out of the league. Sticking no lame head in controversies, this rare specie in Hollywood stays cautious and grounded, unfazed by all happening around, preferring always to do the meaningful best. One such rare actor that hails from this special league is Dolph Lundgren, the action star in Hollywood’s dizzying heights.



As Hollywood strongman Dolph Lundgren, ever a camera shy and reclusive action figure in the showbiz world innately dangling with charades turns 59, we find innumerable reasons to celebrate his Hollywood legend and his penchant to do something meaningful, inspiring and valuable:

1. A penchant for writing



Dolph Lundgren at the moment is taking time off from his Hollywood schedule to focus on writing down an interesting bit of literature. It is being alleged that Dolph, now 59, is writing a fitness book meant for newcomers and upcoming body builders. 

2. A brilliant multi-linguist 



We know of the toughie’s swanky and sonorous Swedish accent as he speaks English but did you know that Dolph Lundgren can speak not one but 7 different languages, most of them European. And truth be told, those who can read and write in multilingual capabilities are known to have a strong right-brain.

3. Braving an abusive childhood



It’s happened to so many of them and has often recurred to so many of our stars. Domestic violence, abuses by parents and growing up in a difficult domestic set-up, Dolph Lundgren too had his share of home-bound troubles. Growing up as a young kid in Sweden, Dolph was abused and physically hit his father who loathed his son’s lean and thin frame. Ever the strong kid who took criticism in his stride, Dolph Lundgren grew up to command an impressive muscular built to conquer his father’s shallow bickering and running down of his son. Dolph has in fact also trained in Karate and different martial art forms but is sadly never hailed for his prowess in the contact sport form.

4. A man compassionate toward human suffering and woes



Human Trafficking and it need not be dealt with being too verbose about it, is a huge and scary truth about our lives today. Human Trafficking is common and rampant around the world, surprisingly not just in Asia or Africa but in the developed West. And Dolph Lundgren is doing his earnest bit in raising people’s awareness toward the plight of several hundreds and thousands of those marred by it’s misfortune by writing a movie script about ‘skin trade’. Ain’t that wonderful? Lundgren, at the moment is scouting for a major talent to sign up as the lead actor this next big venture.

5. A man who calmly kept up with unbecoming criticism people didn’t deny him all his life



For a good part of 25 years of his movie career, the Swedish muscle-man has been sadly labeled as a dumb blonde killer. Not the best compliment to be living with when you are a mega movie star and icon. But instead of giving it back to his haters or critics, Lundgren’s just been happy to laugh it off without ever getting perturbed by the damning indignation to his image.

6. An earnest man who never shows his fame



Back in Sweden for his awe-inspiring personality, almost as huge as Jean Claude Van Damme’s fame in Belgium and Schwarzenegger’s cult in Austria, Dolph Lundgren had been asked by the Swedish Polity in the Green Party to run for office. But he turned it down, citing as a celeb it would be wrong of him to be seen associating with one political coup whilst shrugging off others. 

7. A science pro?



Yeah, this is too is bang on the buck. Dolph Lundgren received a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology. Incidentally he hails from a family of established linguists, specialists in varied fields of life, his mum being a language teacher and father, an economist with the Swedish Government. Lundgren is also a math and physics pro, truth be told.

8. Delivering the hardest punch ever on Stallone



Not many would be knowing this about the European superstar, perhaps strict Rocky fans may just be aware of it. Stallone, during the filming of Rocky IV, Stallone had to visit the docs at a hospital being punched by Dolph a bit too rigorously during one of their filming sequences of a knockout shot.

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