A simple trick to leave your leftover wine sparkling and fizzy for longer will simply make your day

With 2016 counting days before it meets it’s expiry date and 2017 readying itself to unleash it’s fanfare on us, one is simply counting days. There is a pleasant breath of euphoria in the air and the vibe is cool.



Amidst the changing atmospherics and charm world-over, the one thing, at this point of time that is a constant site is partying.



More and more people are pleasurably making love their favourite poison chalice as they await to wish 2016 an adieu and welcome fresh hope and positivity for the coming year. Amidst this scenario, the wine lovers can rejoice, truth be told.



Not just for the pleasure of consumption but also for the feeler and look of it, wine is one of the most refined luxuries of life, according to its connoisseur a refreshing balm to heal everyday scars, positioning itself as the weapon of choice beheld by its fond drinker. But here’s a trick for everyone who often leaves the half-finished wine in a glass as it is, without worrying to attend to the yet-to-be-complete glass.



Simply put a teaspoon in the neck of the wine bottle once opened. It will then keep the fizz fizzy and a lot fizzier come the booziest night of the year! It’s as simple as that.

Dev Ty

Unflustered, laconic, withdrawn, scrappy, un-idealistic, bored, self-loathing midnight turd who believes the world looks beautiful when people smile