9 things We Copied From The West

blame it to globalization or british colonization, over the years, indians have adopted a myriad of habits from their former masters in particular and the western natives in general. unfortunately, we haven’t been wise in picking up some habits, 7 of which are mentioned below. some of these are down-right ridiculous to be followed by anyone across the globe, if you give some thought to it, while others seem preposterous only in the indian context. so, read through the list, and if you can think of something else to add to it don’t forget to mention it in the comments.

1. making super-hero movies.

while the idea is not totally inane, so to speak, however, once you realize that the fascination towards the cool marvel and dc comics super-heroes led bollywood to come up with not so cool desi versions like ra-one, krishh, and rudraksh, you can’t help but curse the directors who ever decided to give india its super-hero and direct such epic failures.

2. mispronouncing indian words

it seems to me that some crazy, misled indian started the trend of adding the phonetic ‘aa’ at the end of words like budha, yoga, krishna, nanda, and so on ad infinitum, and the rest of the indians took to following the trend religiously. it is totally okay, and sometimes even adorable to hear our foreign buds mispronounce these words, but to see our language being so ruthlessly skewed and butchered at the hands of its own countrymen is so not funny. wearing a suit and a tie at work-places and formal events

3. wearing a suit and a tie at work places and formal events

this one definitely deserves a face palm. wearing multiple layers of fabric, that too the ones that are warm and have the potential of suffocating you to death during the torrid indian summer, is nothing but stupid, and the closest indians can possibly get to thoughtless aping. makes me wonder, what kind of a loggerhead, heat-loving, imbecile came up with this one.

4. specifying a dress code for parties and events

it looks like our forefathers trusted the judgments of their guests in choosing an outfit for the event they were invited to, more than this generation does. as if dressing to the nines wasn’t already a herculean task, we have now started to further limit ones options. where is the sense in asking your guest wear a particular shade? especially horrid are people who don’t just ask you to come in ‘blue’, but go for colors such as ‘cyan’.

5. shaking hands

i was totally fine with this custom until i realized that most men use their hands a lot while peeing and often forget to wash their hands thereafter. never before has the chaste ‘namaste’ seemed more logical and hygienic to me.

6. hiring a nanny

in the west most people have to be qualified to become a nanny. they undergo training sessions, attend courses, and are, almost always educated. unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most indian nannies, who are often the domestic helpers who help with the household chores. the results of this has been dangerous in many cases. watch this youtube video, if you don’t believe me.

7. using western toilets

hear me out before you rule this one out as mere balderdash. i come braced with scientific facts. not only are indian toilets more hygienic, using them also significantly lowers the chances of colon and pelvic diseases.

8. blowing candles on birthdays.

while there are good feelings attached with this one, people need to think about the ramifications of all the microorganisms in the mouth that end up on the cake.

9. bread plate on the left side

this might not make a big differance but westerners do so because they pick-up the bread using their left hand while applying the bu##ter or whatever using their right.

have i missed any? let me know if you can think of any other things that indians have copied from the west.


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