9 Men All Women Wish Were Not Gay

it is hard enough to find a man who strikes a note with us and the fact that some of them are not available to be wooed because of the varied gender preference they have makes the quest for the right man twice as difficult for us. here is a list of men who are completely irresistible and yet women have to resist since they are gay.

1. jonathan groff

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thousands of girl would’ve wanted to be enveloped in his strong arms. however, he’s gay and it’s so unfair. then again, when has life ever been that fair and easy.

2. graham norton

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he is a knight in an armor of scintillating wit, and let’s face it ladies it’s not that easy to find a man with good sense of humor. norton has it all. he would’ve been such a catch. sadly he’s unavailable for us.

3. matt bomer

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i do a little research on stars i fall for and no research has left me even half as disappointed as matt bomer’s did. his wikipedia page, under the personal life section, reads, “bomer has been married to publicist simon halls since 2011. the couple has three sons, including a set of twins, via surrogacy. he first publicly acknowledged that he was gay in 2012 when he thanked halls and their children during an acceptance speech for his steve chase humanitarian award.”.  it was such a bommer. this has to be the cruelest thing did to womankind.

4. tim cook

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he’s brilliant. he makes compelling arguments. he has the kind of personality that can make someone weak at bones. he is influential. he is the ceo of apple, one of the most powerful brands in the world of tech and he is super rich (not that it should be a factor in choosing a partner, yet). a gem has been lost to all the women across the globe.

5. zachary quinto

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his brows and his handsome jawline are worth dying for. however, very unfortunately this american horror star broke several hearts right when he announced his $3Xuality in 2011. it’s almost as if is punishing the women for some untold crime we’ve committed

6. ricky martin

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if you were dreaming of ricky crooning a song in your ears then i’d be extremely disappointed to tell you that that’s never gonna happen, since this puerto rican single is interested in men.

7. marc jacobs

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this talented fashion designer is quite a charming hunk. with those looks and awesome packs he could’ve seduced any girl. but, our luck is doomed because he has reserved all of his gifts for boys. bommer!

8. cheyenne jackson

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this actor singer is one of a hottie and yet you wouldn’t find him singing a romantic number to a woman ever. makes me wonder why do all the creative and talented men have to be gay?

9. neil patrick harris

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i have a thing for men with extraordinary sense of humor and an amusing wit and when they turn out to be gay and reserved for men (trust me a lot of them do), i turn green with envy.

Dinika Saxena

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