9 Everyday Health Facts That Are Actually Not True

1. Going out in the cold with wet hair can give you cold

It is currently believed that you will catch a cold if you go out with wet hair. Studies show that people who get the chills will, and there has never been a proven relationship of getting a cold when you go out with wet hair.

2. Sugar makes kids hyperactive.

It has been said that there’s this sugar high that makes kids go around like they’re supercharged lightning bulbs. But studies have proven that several little boys were given drinks and were told that those were high in sugar when in fact they’re not. The mothers reported the kids going hyperactive for a few hours after having the drink without sugar. Talk about the placebo effect.

3. Cracking your knuckles and other hand joints will cause arthritis

People believed that cracking their knuckles will cause arthritis for a very long time. This is actually false. Studies have shown that there has never been any direct proof that cracking your knuckles will make you get arthritis.

4. Low-fat foods are great for your health

While this may be good if you are trying to lose weight, in reality, low-fat foods are just loaded with a lot of artificial sugars and sugar to make up for the low fat component. This makes the low-fat products very unhealthy.

5. Eating many small meals can hike up your metabolism

This may be applicable if you have an ulcer. You can eat little meals every now and then just to keep the acidity at a normal level. But it totally does not speed up your metabolism. Metabolism rates are based on the amount of food taken, and not the frequency of small meals. Besides, it just makes you hungrier if you don’t eat enough food on every meal.

6. Milk will help soothe ulcer pains

It was then believed that you can drink milk to relieve ulcer pain. But studies have later proven that drinking milk can make you have more painful ulcer sores as the milk is converted into lactic acid when it gets digested by your enzymes.

7. You get bad eyesight if you sit near the TV while watching

Honestly, there is no direct proof that the eyesight is affected by watching too close to the TV, but you will surely affect other people by annoying them because you’re blocking their view!

8. You get more gray hair whenever you pluck one out

You get gray hair because there are pigments forming making them grow white. And one hair follicle does not affect the pigments of another. People just inevitably get more white hair over time, so there is no truth to this myth.

9. Iron is considered food for strong muscles

While spinach has great iron content, it is still not enough to make strong and well-formed muscles. The real food for strong muscles is protein. Spinach can only contribute so much for your muscles.


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