9 biggest events in history we know nothing about

You may not be aware of the fact that how history is useful as well as essential, but you must consider the fact that history is truly interesting.

Here you will find nine historical events which are hardly known to us:

1. Seppuko- A willing death it was!

There was a practice among the Japanese samurais to disembowel themselves with their sword. They did this when they were in danger of getting captured. This activity was known as seppuko.

2. The formation of New Germany in Texas

In 1842, the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas was established in Germany, a Society to protect German Immigrants in Texas for organizing a mass immigration movement. The actual motto was the colonization of the Republic of Texas for creating German state.

3. Sealing of Pharaohs after death

After the death of some of the pharaohs, it is said that they were kept in a sealed condition with their concubines and pets. It is also heard that there were living servants as well.

4. A revolution almost started by a woman

This revolutionary battle almost was started by Sarah Tarrant, a nurse from Massachusetts in 1775, after Alexander Leslie reached Salem in search of cannons and tried to enter Salem. Sarah Tarrant was the brave woman to stop them and aimed his musket.

5. Sacrifices of the Mayans

Quite a brutal fact it is about the Mayans, who had a ritual of taking out a still beating heart from a victim’s body. It was regarded as a part of sacrifices.

6. Homophobia – the first victim of America

In 1647, a married barber-surgeon, from New Amsterdam, was caught in flagrante with a black slave, another man. That time sodomy was one of the capital offences. And finally he drowned when he tried to escape the second time.

7. Animals were used to put on trial

A pathetic as well as cruel fact it is found in the history that animals were brought on trial. Animals, in the mediaeval periods, were put in trial and they were sentenced to death.

8. Shays Rebellion

In 1786, right after the revolutionary war was just ended, severe economic crisis took place in Massachusetts and farmers started to lose farms. The farmers, who were laden with debts, were imprisoned and they attempted to break jails.

9. Use of morphine in Mrs. Winslow’s soothing syrup

Mrs. Winslow’s soothing syrup was used in the nineteenth century, and it was used for children teething; the shocking fact was that, it contained morphine. It is really dangerous for the children.


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