5 Futuristic Science Experiments that are actually being developed right now

Look around you and try to find out every little scientific advancement we have made in the last decade or so, you will realize that we are now living in the future. Every scientific wish, every science joke people used to say in their random conversations bracketed under “What If” are more or less a reality now or is under serious research and development. We are in the future now and there are a number of technological advancements to prove my case.

5. The Advancement of Robots


People always believed that robots will remain a fictional entity but scientists have been working on -robots that can touch in ways that will evoke a humanly emotion in your body. The volunteers of such an experiment have said that the most uncomfortable moments are those when the $ex-robots touch their buttocks or crotch.

4. Laser Cloaking to hide from Aliens


Time and again, people like Stephen Hawking have warned the science world that it is not a great idea to try to contact aliens because the consequences can be disastrous. Taking a cue from Professor Hawking and others, astronomers at Columbia University are actually working on an interstellar cloaking device. If we ever need to hide our existence from extra terrestrials, this will be a revolutionary development.

3. The Samsung Patents Smart Contacts


The South Korean technical giant Samsung have gained a patent for a smart contact lens, using which one can send information to others using their eyes. The lenses will have a built in camera and blinking is how you will be able to control it. Even though google already has a patent for smart contact lens but while their’s is used for medical purposes, this will be rather personal and you may expect in the next few years to live in a world where blinking a lot is the new ‘in’ thing.

2. The possibility of Robonauts.


As you can figure out with the wordplay in its name, Robonauts will be astronauts but robots. It is actually an ongoing project at NASA where robots and humans will go on space missions together. It will be designed so that it can perform the tasks assigned to it and will be able to think for itself. The major goal is to make sure that these Robonauts can walk on space and perform the tasks for which humans have to go on an interstellar journey.

1. 3D Printing Organs


Life expectancy rate is increasing and thus it is being a necessity among people to have their organs replaced. The 3D Printing Organs is a dream where scientists are looking to develop something that can multiply internal human body parts and use them as naturally as the one people are born with. This is an early stage experiment and if it is developed for real, it is going to be revolutionary because if we can have new organs using our own living cells, the need for medication and health drugs will drastically drop and for good.


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