17 Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Entertained Without Emptying Your Wallet

Summers are fun, especially for kids as they play in the sun and enjoy their holidays. But you have to stay prepared with a list of activities up your sleeve before they get bored and are out of options to play.

Here are a few entertainment ideas for your kids that are kind on your wallet too.

Happy summers everyone!!

1. Make snow ice-cream

No better way to beat the summer heat and keep the kids engaged too. All you need is crushed ice and flavours such as vanilla and condensed milk.

2. Make ornaments with sweets

Turn sugary cereals into sweet ornaments with your kids and watch them have fun.

3. Put popsicle sticks to use

Summer and popsicles go hand in hand, so why not put those sticks to use. The kids can be busy for hours making photo frames and other creative art objects using popsicle sticks.

4. Use tissue paper to create art

This frugal art project includes spraying tissue paper with water and then sticking it to a plain paper sheet. Once the tissue dries and peels off, the colour stays on the paper making a creative art piece.


5. Play make believe games

Kids love to be in an imaginary world, a world of princesses being rescued from a dragon, of sailing seas and conquering kingdoms. You can give into their imagination and play along.

6. Visit the library

Introduce the kids to the fascinating world of books where they can learn new stories, take part in activities at the library and get to know many new things.

7. Make kites and fly them

Use whatever material you find around the house and make a kite along with the kids and go out and let the kids fly them and enjoy their summer.

8. Head to the pet store

Kids love playing with animals, so you can take them to the local pet store and let them play with the puppies, and you don’t need to empty your wallets too.

9. Solve a puzzle

Puzzles can keep kids busy and occupied for hours and are inexpensive too. You could join the kids too and solve the puzzle together.

10. Go to the local park

Kids can release their pent up energy and run around and have fun in a park. It is also a great place for them to make new friends.

11. Have a campfire in your backyard

Kids love sitting by a bonfire, and don’t deny even adults like it too and you can make so more too with the kids.


12. Plant a garden

Plant a herb garden or if there are space constraints maybe a garden box and watch the kids enjoy observing the veggies sprouting and include them in the process too.

13. Make a picnic lunch

Put together a picnic lunch, pack a blanket and head to the nearest park with your kids for a picnic lunch soaking in the summer sun.

14. Rent a movie

Many movie libraries stock up on great movies for kids. So take your kids and let them choose a movie of their choice and enjoy this indulgence.

15. Have a dance party

Put on some kid friendly music and let the kids let their hair down as you have a little dance party at home.

16. Let the kids get dirty

Summer is all about having fun so let the kids go wild and get dirty as they try out finger painting or play with play dough or have just colour all over them.

17. Play a sport together

Go play soccer or any sport with your kids or you could even ride a bike together.


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