14 TV Shows That You Should Watch Again

1. the wire

perhaps one of the greatest shows ever produced. the wire follows the tensions between the baltimore police department and a drug king pin and his people. as current events in baltimore show, the wire remains relevant today.

2. doctor who

when you describe doctor who to someone who has not seen the show, you sound like a crazy person. “it’s about an alien who travels through time and space with a companion. he regenerates every few years, so a different actor plays him.” however, the series, my personal favorite, is beautifully acted, funny, and touching.

3. twin peaks

canceled after just two seasons, this show has developed a cult following over the years. i cannot wait for the new showtime series.

4. game of thrones

there are so many characters, and the plot is so convoluted, multiple viewings are mandatory if you don’t want to miss anything. and… dragons!

5. star trek

whether you like the original or next generation, both of these shows tell wonderful stories about heroism and offer an optimistic view of the future.

6. arrested development

following the dysfunctional bluth family will almost make you appreciate your own family. almost.

7. i love lucy

i showed episodes of i love lucy to my high school students, and they laughed at every joke. lucille ball’s comedy is truly timeless.

8. the simpsons

america’s longest-running sitcom. the series continues to delight and even old episodes remain hilarious.

9. seinfeld

some of the jokes are a bit dated (and borderline offensive), but the adventures of jerry, elaine, kramer, and george are still entertaining.

10. buffy the vampire slayer

this tv show revolutionized the horror genre and completely reshaped what a hero looks and acts like.

11. the sopranos

another hbo classic. the plots are so deeply layered that it’s easy to uncover new material after watching it countless times.

12. firefly

one of the most action-packed series to ever grace the small screen. unlike star trek, firefly predicts a much darker future. it’s still funny, though.

13. x-files

the show that launched 100 conspiracy theories. it left you wondering what our government was really up to.

14. lost

while the ending was a bit of a letdown, the series was strong enough that one unfortunate episode can be forgotten.

Rachel Van Sickle

Has the heart of a pirate; just born a few hundred years too late. MFA in creative writing from LSU and a MA in literature from the U of Toledo.