14 Reasons Why Robin Williams Was The Funniest Man Alive

the world lost one of its greatest comics last year. on august 11, 2014, robin williams passed away, he was 63. his career spanned over 40 years, from small club stand up, to box office success. in 1997,” entertainment weekly” voted robin williams as, “the funniest man alive.” this kit ;)le stuck with him until the end. here are 14 reasons why robin williams was, “the man.”

1) stand-up comedy routines

robin did his first stand up gig at the “holy city zoo” in san francisco in the early ’70s. he quickly became a regular act in comedy clubs across the country. his legendary improv was genius. with his fast wit and quirky dialogue,  his act quickly became famous.

2) mork

after impressing the director with his crazy antics during an audition of “happy day’s,” williams received the role of mork, in 1978. “mork and mindy” ran for 4 years, and at its peak, had an estimated 60 million weekly viewers.

3) sesame street specials

williams was a guest star on several segments of this popular children’s show in the ‘80s. he appeared on the cover of “muppet magazines first issue in 1983, and again in 1986.

4) popeye

this was williams’ first major role in a movie as the kit ;)le character. the film was a commercial flop, but it allowed the former julliard student to showcase his acting talents.

5) the tonight show

many people will remember the many guest appearances that williams made on johnny carson’s tonight show. this is a clip from his first time as a guest. he also appeared on the last episode, when carson announced his retirement in 1992.

6) good morning vietnam

in 1987, williams earned an oscar nomination for “best actor.” he played a radio “shock jock,” who entertained the u.s. troops during the vietnam war. he played much of the role without a script, allowing him to improvise many of his lines.

7) hook

in 1991, steven spielberg’ film “hook” was released. williams was starred as peter pan. it was nominated in 5 categories at the 64th academy awards.

8) aladdin

williams provided the voice of the genie in this huge disney success. released in 1992, it earned over $504 million world-wide, making it the most successful film of the year.

9) mrs. doubtfire

mrs. doubtfire was released in 1993. williams both starred in, and co-produced this classic movie. it received the academy award for “best makeup.” the film was placed at 67th on the american film inskit ;)ute’s list of the, “ 100 funniest movies of all time.”

10) the birdcage

this film opened on march 8 1996 and grossed $18,275,828 in its first weekend, topping the box office charts at #1 for 3 weeks. it was nominated for the american film inskit ;)ute’s 2000 list of, “100 years…100 laughs.”

11) his impressions

if you have ever seen robin williams do an impression, you know how funny he can be. from al pacino to john wayne, check out some of his best impressions here.

12) his interviews

over the years, williams did many guest appearances on all kinds of talk shows. from carson to leno, you could never be sure of what was going to happen. one thing was guaranteed, he was going to be funny.

13) peer recognition

since his death, numerous comedians have been outspoken, in telling the world what a comedic genius williams was. norm mcdonald called him, “the funniest man in the world.” jim carrey, who has been compared to the late comedian, gave this touching speech at a tribute to williams.


14) achievements

robin williams has received 2 primetime emmy awards. he won 6 golden globe awards. he won the actors guild award twice. top all of this off with 4 grammy awards. the world recognized that he was a comic genius. in a little over two months, it will be the anniversary of his death. he will be missed for many years to come.

Rocco Marinelli

has been writing in one form or another since he could hold a crayon. He currently resides in upstate New York.