12 Video Games That Can Be Turned Into A Great Movie

1. fall for another sci-fi movie

set in the mid – 22nd century after the nuclear war. there’s a water shortage. the protagonist of the video game fallout is tasked to find the water chip in order to save other dwellers from water shortage.

2. team fortress 2: a great action-comedy movie

with the smf animations produced by valve, they can produce team fortress 2 as a great movie. the art direction, humor and gameplay of the video game will surely be the ace for a movie.

3. with nicholas cage as vivec, it’ll be perfect!

nicholas cage is perfect to be vivec the poet. as long the long walking in morrowind will be cut, it’ll be a perfect movie. however, if tweaks will be applied, the whole thing will just be a . or let’s see.

4. find out how ellie survived

the last of us could be great action – adventure horror film. the story and the plot could be further understood if the movie will be cast by real stars, and not animated. be ready to feel the thrill, the horror and the relief when joel finally escaped with ellie. but will ellie really survives from the infection?

5. it can be a mystery, drama and adventure – filled movie

set in the year 1986, the wolf among us will surely be a good movie. be thrilled as bigby wolf managed to protect and hide the fabletown from the ‘mundies’, the native humans.

6. will it be the ‘movie of the decade’?

half life 2 employs advance physics, complex animation and heavy graphics make it garner 39 awards and the kit ;)le ‘game of the decade’. however, will its plot and story make it into a movie. let’s find out.

7. for those who love puzzle, this movie is for you

portal is a first – person puzzle – platform game. with only few tweaks this video game can be turned out into a movie, probably be understood by the nerds. however, due to its unique and darkly humorous story, the movie will be for everybody. it’ll be better if they are also giving cakes and the portal gun after the show.

8. it’s cinematic cutscenes can make it to a movie

metal gear solid is a video game which employs cinematic cut scenes. this could be a perfect action – adventure movie. discover solid snake on his journey as he liberates the oppressed and stops the terrorists from launching the nuclear strike.

9. adventure and battle combined for a great hit

you can see the alternate version of the ancient greece. how kratos get the blades of chaos from ares, and how he become the new of war. it’s interestingly amazing, with all its tweaks and turns. it’s surely another hit.

10. if you want an action film, dark souls is right for you!

it’s deep and difficult combat not only give you the motivation to continue, but it gives you the reality of life. learning from past mistakes and overcoming difficulties are just some of the highlights of this video game. discover this yourself, and you’ll be amazed by its complexity.

11. a much anticipated adventure movie for wanderers

join the young man named wander as he journeyed in the forbidden land. watch every step he makes to uncover the weaknesses of the colossi to defeat them and save mono’s life. but for action movie lovers, not much to anticipate here though.

12. it’s deep invigorating plot will surely make it

from nothingness to the rise of two giants bionis and mechonics. xenoblade chronicles brought the endless war of the giants. even after they died, the battle between the bionis and mechonis still continues. join shulk on his journey to fight against the mechon.


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