11 Outdated Companies You Won’t Believe Are Still Around

1. “Going Out of Business” furniture stores

What do you do if you see a “Going Out of Business” sale? You’re right: the question should be: how fast can you run? And don’t you think owners know that? Stop running! Furniture stores have been running a “Going Out of Business” sale campaign for the past 20 years. Why still in and out of business?

2. F.y.e. store

One day, my father told me: “Son, I want to see a movie! Where can we buy an expensive CD?” Only then I understood why there is a F.y.e. store. And why, inexplicably, they’re still around. Still selling $18 CD’s. Today! In 2015!

3. Family-owned hotel

Everyone wants a secure job. It doesn’t matter the pay as long as it’s secure. How about a family-owned hotel? It’s been in business since 705 AD, past on for 52 generations. Sounds cool, right? Just one problem: it was never opened, because only family lives there.

4. AOL

Life teaches you that you must never give up. You need to fight for what you believe in. And that’s a hard and precious lesson. But can somebody tell the guys from AOL that Gmail exists? It’s still servicing two million senior citizens! Good job, AOL. I think.

5. Model train store

The average Japanese train has a delay time of 3 seconds. Of course not all the world can keep up with that, but you might expect that everybody’s trying, right? And a model train store should have at least some posted hours and respects them, right? Not quite – at least not the ones I ran into.

6. Fishing bait and karaoke

Who feels like singing while searching for some fishing baits? There’s a ‘fishing bait and karaoke’ store that everybody swears is a drug front. Nobody wonders why. Such a strange pairing of items to sell at one place!

7. Pacific Custom Cable

There is a company that makes cables by hand, steadily, and sells them for ridiculous prices. Pacific Custom Cable. It’s ridiculous. That’s not actually what makes me wonder about them still being around, but the fact that they still have a ‘webmaster’ for a website no one enters.

8. Corel WordPerfect

Corel. They produced a new version of WordPerfect as recently as April 2014. That’s right in 2015, the age of domination of Microsoft Office for business and free online tools. Who ever does that? Brave of you Corel!

9. The Mall

Ever had the impression that a mall can be a pretty crowded place? Maybe even wished for some space? But what if it was the other way around? Yes, in the US next to the Mexican border, you can see and not believe that there are malls three quarters vacant. There’s never anyone there and the Mexican guy running the phone case stand in the hallway still sells Nokia cases.

10. Classmates.com

They charge money for what Facebook does better, for free. Most of the accounts were fake. Every now and again you get an email from them saying someone has looked at your profile (which has nothing in it) and asking if you’d like to see who. For money, of course. No, classmates.com, no I would not want to see who.

11. Kodak

Let’s face it! The fact that these people can still survive even if they refused to go digital when everyone else did is incredible. It’s like you’re riding a horse when everybody’s driving a car. Get rid of the horse!

Raluca Paraschivu

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