11 Health Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

1. constant lethargy paired with unquenchable thirst – diabetes

if you find yourself with an unquenchable thirst paired with the inability to get up and do things that you’d normally get done easily, you may be suffering from diabetes. beyond the normal suggesting intake of daily water/ liquids, monitor your behavior for excessive lethargy – there may be something medically wrong!

2. unexplainable bruises – leukemia

sudden bruises or bruises that don’t heal are definitely an indication that your body isn’t functioning properly: in one case, a woman thought nothing of random bruises that appeared on her thighs, only to be randomly diagnosed with leukemia after some standard blood work was done.

3. headaches that feel “different” – neurological / vertigo-causing illnesses

everyone knows what a headache feels like. it sucks, but at least it is a familiar pain. if you have any sudden vertigo, spins (without the use of alcohol prior) or hallucinogenic episodes, it may be a neurological disorder that is emerging. get checked out asap.

4. odd colored feces – bowel disorders

irregularly colored bowel movements are one of the easiest ways to identify bowel disorders and stomach related issues. blood will always cause stool to look red, whereas mucus can cause grey-ish or yellowish stool. depending on the color and consistency, a number of issues can be identified, (ie: intestinal blockage, high-fat diet, etc.)

5. chest pain – heart disease

chest pain should never be ignored. often it is brushed off as heartburn after a meal, but chest pain isn’t always related to the food you ingest. sometimes it’s an indicator of heart failure. be aware of your heart rate and get your blood pressure tested asap.

6. pins and needles, weakness on the right side – multiple sclerosis

while pins and needles happens to all of us after sleeping on our hand or arm the wrong way, pins and needles that occurs for no reason, especially on the right side of the body, should not be taken lightly. the sensation of pins and needles can be an early indicator of multiple sclerosis. if weakness in the right leg and an inability to write (for right-handed people) follow shortly after, get to the er.

7. changes in color, shape or texture of moles – skin cancer

moles are usually benign and they’re often known about from birth. people who find moles that appear suddenly on their body, or people who witness existing moles changing shapes or colors, should take those warnings as serious indications of a skin disorder. moles can become cancerous – if anything about them changes, get to a doctor immediately.

8. always feeling tired – anemia

anemia is not having enough healthy red blood cells in the bloodstream. if you exhaust yourself, this condition is likely to occur. some conditions cause anemia, and therefore cause general lethargy and listlessness. if you find yourself constantly in a fog and unable to motivate, get checked by a doctor – it may be more physiological than mental!

9. snoring – sleep apnea

snoring is irritating for partners and for yourself – especially if you have sleep apnea. sleep apnea causes the autonomous functions of the body to stop working as a result of the body inadvertently choking itself. machines like the cpap can be prescribed to ease symptoms and negative effects of sleep apnea, but there is currently no cure. 

10. drastic changes in consumption of food / water – diabetes

if you know your usual food intake, then suddenly increase it dramatically or if you usually only drink liquids with meals, but then find yourself drinking them non-stop, you may be suffering from a case of un-diagnosed diabetes. diabetics feel the need to stabilize their blood sugar, even when they don’t realize that they’re diabetic – eating or drinking in what seems like binge amounts could be your body telling you that your blood sugar was too low, and that you needed to pump it up!

11. unexplaned lumps in testicles or br3@$ts – cancer

it’s always said: check your testicles and/or br3@$ts for lumps when you shower. how many people actually do? who knows. what is certain is that someone with a painful lump in their or breast won’t go for long without getting it diagnosed. do yourself a favor and stay ahead of cancer by regularly screening yourself for lumps or abnormalities.

Jason Mueller

Jason Mueller is a Philadelphia-based writer with two decades of acclaim to his name. He follows gonzo journalism closely, as well as the current events in his area, nation and around the world. He aspires to trade FOREX and futures as a FT career.

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