10 Unbelievable Competitions around the World

human beings always like a good compekit ;)ion to find out who is the best and to define a winner but below are some weird compekit ;)ions around the world that will take you by surprise for sure.

1. world beard and moustache championship

this compekit ;)ion is for close to 15 different categories of beards and moustaches and might be a sight to behold when it takes place at various locations across europe and the us.

2. cockroach racing

move aside motorbikes and racer cars, the cockroaches race to the finish line annually on australia day, the only requirement is to bring your own cockroach to the race.

3. worm charming championship

the compekit ;)ors get a plot of soil and they have to charm the maximum number of worms out of that plot in a defined time limit. this compekit ;)ion taking place in england has the record for 567 worms being found by a 10-year-old.

4. baby crying contest

sumo wrestlers in japan fight a different kind of wrestle where each is given a baby and they have to make it cry as it is believed to bring good health to the baby.

5. rock paper scissors

this childhood game takes on a serious dimension as champions rely on body language and behavioural references to plan their next move.

6. bee wearing championship

this annual compekit ;)ion in china requires participants to bear most weights of bees on their body to win this bizarre compekit ;)ion.

7. wife carrying races

this popular racing event is held in many parts, especially in finland and requires the men to carry their wives through various hurdles to race to the winning post.

8. black pudding throwing

held in england annually, the world black pudding throwing championship has participants attempting to throw a black pudding wrapped in women’s tights to knock down maximum number of yorkshire puddings and they only get three chances.

9. nailympia

this compekit ;)ion, often referred to as the olympics of nails has various categories for all kinds of nails such as french manicure and sculptures etc and has been going on for 10 years.

10. bed racing

this race involves one member of the team riding on a bed and the rest pushing it to the finish line. this race is usually held to raise funds for charity.


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