10 Types Of Stoned People You Will Always Find In A Party

stoned people can be found anywhere and everywhere whether in a party, at a friend’s house or maybe among your cousins. they are present in every friend circle. they are the funniest and sometimes the dumbest person. well, you can relate to them.

1. the irritating girlfriend

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she is a type of person who gets all irritating and is after her boyfriend, trying to screw his bu##t. she tries to sound so cute that it ends being the most idiotic thing she did all night.

2. the fighter boy

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this person tries to screw the party by showing his awesomeness and ends up having a fight with the crowd present. he may also challenge you for something he can do and you cannot.

3. the trippy hippie

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this person is lost in his own thoughts, and does not give a about the people around him. he is all about kirtan, yes, listening to artists like krishna das and jai uttal and don’t forget pink floyd. searching for guruji.

4. the hogging monster

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this person is always after food, he does not care what kind of food is present he will find it and eat it. and at one point of time all the foods gone. this person even drinks everything, cold drink, juice, even soda.

5. the lazy daisy

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this person is all about sleeping. at some point of time he will be the one who is lying around and not caring where people are gonna sit. he is in deep sleep and if someone tries to wake him up well, best of luck to you.

6. the fun master

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this person is always on fire. cracking jokes on everyone present, making you laugh. with this person you will laugh to death. he is like a laughing machine.

he so spontaneous and full of enthusiasm.

7. the phone addict

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this person does not care where he is sitting. when he is stoned he just needs the phone and no one else. he is so much into google that it is the day he will learn about every thing present in the room. if he is drinking corona he will learn every thing present on it online.

8. the gamer boy

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this person is somewhat just into games. he gets stoned and starts playing. you ask for anything to this person or even talk to him about anything he is lost, he does not listen or reply back to you.

9. the bt(bad trip)

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this person is always going through a bad trip. falling around, puking around. seriously, puking? i mean they take you also to the “bad trip zone”. handling them will not be easy so be aware and alert.

10. the duo fighter

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these two person are always fighting. they love to make fun of each other and then end up fighting. they tease other to the extent that they capable of and start fighting. the plus point is that they fight only verbally.

Tanu Bhandari

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