10 Signs That You Have The Best Girlfriend In The world.

1. she loves to play video games.

she loves playing fifa 14, cod etc. and she even allows you to play with her and your friends all the time. maybe she even beats you in it.

2. she’s thankful

she never takes you for granted. she appreciate whatever you do for her and believes in you.

3. she is not selfish.

she is not selfish. she does good things for herself and for you, she will share her life without you in a way that you feel like you are a big part of her life.

4. she gets stoned with you.

she loves to get stoned with you. she smokes with you, she drinks and let you drink all night long. i mean she goes crazy.

5. she understands boys night.

she understands that sometimes you need a boys night out and she lets you go out and have fun. she doesn’t care when you come back at night or do not come all night long. but when you do she is just the same.

6. she is a good cook.

she loves to cook for you and does a really incredible job. she is a great cook.

7. she surprises you.

she has a lot of surprises for you. she likes to put little stick on the fridge and surprise you with your favourite dessert.

8. she is independent.

she is independent, she does not need help in doing stuff, she does it all by herself. she is mature enough to understand that and she does everything herself.

9. she is fun to be with.

you have the best day of your life whenever you are with her and she also has a lot of fun with you than with her girlfriends. you are always happy when you are with her.

10. she loves you truly, deeply and madly.

she loves you for who you are and she promises to be with you forever. she does not say it but you can feel that when you are with her. she is true to you and loyal to you.

Tanu Bhandari

Student. Travel trailblazer. Evil web nerd. Writer. Social media advocate. Award-winning coffee aficionado.

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