10 Obvious Things That People Fail to Understand

1. just because you’ve heard their side of it first, does not make them right

often, when a dispute is being dealt with, the person who gets to the most people with their side of it first is the one perceived as the victim. a huge struggle is getting people to realize that just because one side of the story is presented, that does not make the recounting party correct.

2. if you want something a secret, don’t tell anyone

secrets are best kept private: in the navy, the saying goes, “loose lips sink ships”. another adage is, “snitches get skit ;)ches” – implicating that those who tell secrets are doomed to violence. just the fact alone that there’s a saying concerning snitches shows us how often secrets are divulged, leading to the downfall of an entire group, plan or what-have-you. if you’ve got to do bad things, do them by yourself and tell no one.

3. when boarding public transit or an elevator, people exit before you board

there is a universal aspect to this rule: when a train, bus, or another mode of transportation comes to a halt, exiting passengers are supposed to get off of the public transit route before those waiting to board come on. it’s simple: once everyone exits, there’s more room inside, and there aren’t any collisions or “clots” in the veins of the transit lines. if you push through people exiting a train or bus to sit down after it stops, you’re probably a classless, inconsiderate jerk all around.

4. saying, “i don’t know” is an appropriate response

if you don’t know the answer to something asked, just say so. there are a lot of people in this world who are either afraid to be called out for being ‘stupid’ or who are just to proud to admit when they don’t know the answer to something. saying “i don’t know” is not a poor reflection upon yourself, it is an honest admission and it is far better than lies or exaggerations.

5. back up sensitive digital data

data like thesis’s, senior projects, presentations for the board of the company where you work and other highly sensitive material needs to be backed up. consider the prospect of spending months on a project, only to have your hard drive fail, leaving your work lost to the cruelties of time. don’t be a fool – back up sensitive data and do it again, just to be sure.

6. spatial awareness

the picture above may seem tame, but what if you were the student with a locker behind one of these guys, and they refused to acknowledge your approach? what if there are people having an intense conversation right in the doorway of your next class, but your teacher has a rule that you must be seated when the bell rings, otherwise you’re marked as late? if you’re an inconsiderate jerk with no spatial awareness, let this sentence settle things here and now: get out of our doorways, get out of the middle of our grocery isles and for christ’s holy sake, get out of the middle of the interstate lane, you’re going to kill someone, and it may not just be yourself.

7. rude people think it’s rude to be called out

common decency is slowly slipping away from the metaphorical vocabulary of the common man. when people are outwardly rude, it has always been appropriate for someone to voice the general sentiment of the room or group, directly towards the person being rude. nowadays, when rude people get called out for being rude, they instantly blame the other party or get mad about being scolded. perhaps a regimen of strict beatings would help; the kind that these rude, attention-mongering jerks never got from their parents.

8. pets are not toys

though they are cute and lovable, pets are not to be hoarded or taken in on a last minute decision. pet ownership is a huge responsibility: expect to be visiting a veterinarian regularly and spending hundreds if not thousands on your pet’s upkeep over the years. be aware of the people around you who have, but may not be caring, for their pets. it is against the law to keep animals in insufferable conditions and it’s highly recommended to call animal service if you suspect that an animal is in trouble.

9. don’t worry about that which you have no control over

worrying about things often makes them worse; if you’re in a bad situation, it can be very freeing to analyze exactly what about it you have no control over, and letting go of your worry and concern. when things are bad, it’s usually because an action is needed more than ever to resolve a situation. worrying is an internal stress that can cause a lot of negative things to happen. don’t fall into the pit of worry and remain focused on taking steps to dig out of your troubles, at least a little bit daily.

 10. stopping short while walking is not cool

have you ever been behind the bad driver who stops really suddenly without any indication, whatsoever? have you ever met those types of people when walking through a city, park or museum? maybe they were at the grocery store and they got upset because your cart hit them. these people are the worst – if you stop suddenly without any indication to people around you, you’re causing the problem. get with the program and find a good place to “pull over” – don’t just stop where you are to answer your phone or check your pockets. it’s inconsiderate and dangerous.

Jason Mueller

Jason Mueller is a Philadelphia-based writer with two decades of acclaim to his name. He follows gonzo journalism closely, as well as the current events in his area, nation and around the world. He aspires to trade FOREX and futures as a FT career.