10 Must-Follow Fashion Tips for This Summer

1. go white!

yesss!! you need to play with white color this time. it will sooth you and make you feel refreshing and also let other people know how cool is your dressing sense!

2. not just light denim jeans but denim shirts too!

all of us love to wear those ice blue color denim pants and hang out without hiding under a tree from sun but denim shirts are a must have for this summer! a good denim shirt with a pair of cool cotton shorts and you are good to party everyday!!

3. floral prints!

girls who think that floral prints are not cool, lemme clear out this that summer is full of flowers and we are girls, by law we love flowers so try out some floral print tops and bottoms and carry them with a cool pair of sandals!

4. try bright colors

girls who feel shy and awkward or the one who feels that there are only 4 colors in this world ( black, blue, white and blaah!) you must try out different funky colors that will make you shine in such a bright season. do not feel shy just be confident and experiment!

5. accessorize your personality

add accessories your look and make it more and more winsome. it is like adding the cherry on the cake and so adding the cherry on you will make you look more delicious! (keep it simple)

6. skirts, skirts, skirts!

long skirts, mini skirts, bubble skirts, a-line skirts and much more!! why hide those hot and $3Xy legs. let them be a little tanned that will make you look adorably hot! just make sure which type suits you well and as always keep on experimenting!!

7. go sleeveless!

okay! this is not a deodorant advertisement but still, i don’t understand why girls do not prefer tanks in such a deadly burning summer. show yourself girls. choose wisely and that will look pretty decent on you.

8. rip it off!

no. do not take me wrong! all i am asking you to do is rip your old jeans and give them a bold and cute summer look. it’s better to use your old junk and make them. people call it diy, i call it ‘saving money’.

9. shade your pretty eyes!

we all need sunglasses for such heated sun rays or else we might feel going blind and we have to shorten our eyes to see every single thing. and for such a season just like the clothes we must have some funky mirror sunglasses. carry them according to your dresses and rule the world.

10. wedges or flats? or maybe converse?

which one will you choose? all of them are perfect for this summer. all you need is good light and bright colors that go well with your outfit. no worries even if you want to try something else.

Divya Khasa