10 Life Lessons One Learns In Boarding Schools

1. United we win, divided we fall.

Yes, the most common but very helpful lesson. We need to work as a team and in life we will have to complete deadline, tasks etc. Without unity, one may lose any fight.

2. Friendship.

Meeting complete strangers at first and the developing a relationship and creating a bond so special. Friendship lasts forever and when one is surrounded by friends they are happy.

3. Trust the ones who care for you.

In boarding when you hurt yourself by choosing wrong friends then you understand the meaning of trusting people who actually care for you and respect you. Everyone make mistakes and then only one can learn from them.

4. Parents are not always wrong.

Most of the time children think that their parents are wrong about things they don’t know about, but that is wrong, maybe they are a little harsh to you but whatever they say sometimes help us in our life and they are the only ones who can guide us to the right path.

5.Sometimes it’s good to be alone.

When you are alone sometimes you know all your friends are gone for holidays or just for a weekend, its good because you get a lot of time to think about yourself and to think of the good things and bad things you have done in your life. Sometimes you even become creative.

6. Talking about someone behind their back

Hostel days sometimes can be frustrating but spreading rumors is not the ideal thing to do in that situation and it won’t help you in your life, it will only take you places where no one respects you!

7. Keep Secrets

Sometimes it’s good to keep secrets. Maybe about yourself or about your friends. But not all kind of secrets, only those which may hurt someone feelings.

8.Help others when they need help.

Helping others is a good thing especially when they are in a problem. It’s good to help people, sometimes you can also help them when they are doing something wrong.

9. Teachers can be a lot of fun!

Most of the time, we think that teachers are just rude and strict, but that’s not true, teachers can be fun too and enjoy with you. They can even make you laugh when you are sad and support you when you need them the most.

10.Dealing with your own problem.

One learns to deal with their own problem and solving them by themselves. You won’t be needing anyone’s help to do it.

11.Doing your work yourself.

One even learns to do their own work, like washing clothes, maybe homework. One becomes independent.

12.Home cooked food is the best.

Earlier days at home, we hated what mom made but after going to a boarding school mom’s food is the best thing and one can do anything for it.

13.How much you are gonna miss it.

At first you are gonna be like, “I wanna leave this place”, but when you actually leave a hostel its the worst day of your life as you are gonna miss it more that you hate it. And the friends you made and the moments you share will be missed!

Tanu Bhandari

Student. Travel trailblazer. Evil web nerd. Writer. Social media advocate. Award-winning coffee aficionado.