10 Life Lessons a Dog Teaches Us

1. Loyalty

The most common and first thing we learn from a dog is loyalty. It always stays with us during our good times and bad times. They are always loyal to us and never leave us for anything.

2. Friendship

A dog is called man’s best friend and it is true because every time you need him near you, he is always there. He even takes care of you.

3. Play every day

They teach us to be healthy and play every day and live a beautiful life. It’s good to be healthy.

4. Love unconditionally

They teach us to love everyone and care about everyone near you. Friends, family, even your pets.

5. Do not judge a book by its cover

They teach us to love anyone and everyone irrespective of their looks, religion, disabilities etc. They don’t judge anyone based on these, they love them no matter how they are.

6. YOLO!!

They teach us to live life and be happy. They are the one who do not care about what’s going to happen to them in the future and that’s why they live their life full of happiness and free of stress. You Only Live Once!

7. Accept yourself the way you are

No matter hoe ugly they or disable they are. they just live their life in the same way. It does not matter to them. They accept themselves the way they are and that’s what makes them so special.

8. Forgiveness

They forgive us no matter what, if we hurt them they wouldn’t care and just forgive us and be the same they were before.

9. Don’t change

Whatever may happen they never change. They stay the same, just like they were when we first brought them home. We humans tend to change every minute, sometimes even when it isn’t necessary.

10. Courage

They are very courageous. They face every problem and build a path for themselves. No matter what the situation, they will be courageous and face those problems with confidence.

Tanu Bhandari

Student. Travel trailblazer. Evil web nerd. Writer. Social media advocate. Award-winning coffee aficionado.