10 Jobs that you might not even know exist

1. the tomb cleaner

okay, it’s creepy, i give you that! but someone has to do it! you know how when you go to a cemetery all the tombs look like someone was there just 5 minutes ago? the tomb is clean, the flowers are fresh and the candles are lit – wow you must think, that guy was really loved. well sorry to disappoint, but that’s not it. maybe he was loved indeed, but the one doing all those things was the tomb cleaner. because there is a tomb cleaner. think about that the next time you are in a cemetery.

2. the fortune cookie writer

‘you are going to live happily ever after!”; “he loves you to, go tell him how you really feel.”; “feels so good to be out of that cookie.” “you are headed in the right direction, keep doing what you are doing,”; “take some time for yourself today.”. do these fortune cookie messages sound familiar? maybe you got even better ones. did you ever think that someone is getting paid to write them? yep, there is someone out there thinking how to surprise you every time you eat a fortune cookie. you better enjoy them. bon appekit ;)!

3. the living mannequin

no, not a model that poses in pictures, get’s the makeup done, and get’s put in magazines. this is a completely different type of modeling. you get to work behind the scenes, in the warehouse – designers for huge chain stores will use this live mannequin to show off their looks to the ceo of the company, who approves or rejects the looks. clothing on a mannequin looks totally different on a real person. would you like to get paid for doing nothing? i mean absolutely nothing.
ps: if you move – you’re fired.

4. the video game programmer – for monkeys

this job is quite something else! you need to program simple video games for monkeys, complete with a joystick and pellet dispenser. all those researchers have to work with something right? call of duty maybe – gorilla warfare? we will have to wait and see.

5. the fake children art drawer

real kids are not good artists. at least that is what the children art drawer – an adult, tells us. the person doing this job has to draw a lot of naive drawings for a lot of websites and tv shows. and then guess what happens? you see them and you think: omg kids these days, they are really something. next time you see children art on tv, think again.

6. the professional tv watcher

couch potato? lazy ? time waster? no no, just a guy doing his job. what job? watching college football and basketball games and using software to “tag” every play and put comments on what happened. you even get to rate the plays based on 1-4 on how cool it was. are you still watching tv for free???

7. the human money counter

there are still places and countries where people do that. they wake up, go to work, count the money they wish they had but they don’t, pile them in stacks, mark them and deposit them. still think your job sucks? try counting a fortune/month and making a dime. we are sorry human money counter – better days will come.

8. the it monk

what? everybody needs the it guy. monks need him as well. in a more zen, my computer broke kind of way, but they still do. all we have to ask ourselves is: are you rewarded for your hard work in this life or in the next?

9. smart cameras configurator

this sounds pretty normal doesn’t it? well, it’s not. this person has to configure smart device cameras that count you in when you enter a supermarket. it’s nothing creepy or invasive. the cameras have tracking parameters which are able to distinguish people based on their height/shape. if you ever want to off this employee, just bring in a balloon or even better, bring your kid – both mess with the system.

10. the standardized patient

this one gets to act as a patient in various scenarios for nursing students as part of their exams. this hard worker suffers from serious diseases every day, in different hospitals. in case you happen to be an intern or training for becoming a nurse you must now his secret – he always has gonorrhea. yep people, this is what dr. house and dr. grey still don’t know – he has gonorrhea.

Raluca Paraschivu

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